Friday, November 12, 2010

DOWNLOAD NOW: [MIXTAPE] J. Cole | Friday Night Lights

Yo, if you do anything productive with your Friday night, download this mixtape NOW. J. Cole, THE N.C. rapper, dropped his latest mixtape Friday Night Lights today and it is the best mixtape out this year. I might have said that earlier this year, but I retract that label now. J. Cole has the rap game in the palm of his game  [Kanye has it in a sleeper hold] and he's taking every opportunity he gets to let his light shine. He has been releasing a lot of these songs for the last few months on a rolling basis, now we have them all in one spot with a lot of added gems. I can't wait for Cole World, his debut album, to come out, probably close to the beginning of 2011. He has a song with Drake, Wale [Wal-gay]. the latest G.O.O.D. Friday song "Looking For Trouble, and a number of good woman singers [I don't know if it is anyone specific]. J. Cole is Hova's latest prodigy and I couldn't think of a better rapper to follow in his light. He is good phenomenal.

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