Tuesday, December 28, 2010

[FREE ALBUM] Mike Cooley [of Drive-By Truckers] Live At The 40 Watt 2/25/05

       Well folks, it looks like I've passed the 500 post mark along with turning one year. Looks like the accomplishments are all coming at once. Well I went deep into the vault for this post. Let me start off by saying this, if you have illegally downloaded an album in the last week I bet this free, live album will knock its socks off. Yes, even if it's Kanye or The King Is Dead.
       Mike Cooley doesn't really do back-up vocals for the Drive-By Truckers, he's more of a second lead-singer behind Patterson Hood and shares the spotlight behind Hood with Shonna Tucker, both usually have 2-3 tracks on each album. No discredit to Hood, but Cooley writes some of the best songs the Drive-By Truckers have in their collection. I downloaded this free recording of the live show over the summer and came back across it last night. If you are interested in the Drive-By Truckers, a die-hard DBT fan, semi-interested in song writing, or are a fan of alternative country, you are sure to find this precious recording a steal. His stories are usually dark and you wouldn't be hard-pressed to find these stories true if you were to head down South .[yes, further down South than NC] To quote Cooley from the album on the realness of the stories "It's true just like the rest of the stories." This album is just Cooley and an acoustic guitar on stage and the relatively quiet crowd makes the quality sound that much more studio-quality than live.

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