Friday, December 24, 2010

Gorillaz | The Fall [iPad Composed & Produced]

Here is a follow up to their earlier 2010 release Plastic Beach. The Fall was made completely on an Apple iPad while the group was on tour across the US this Autumn. Mastermind behind the band Damon Albarn says the album is mostly instrumental and is a 'soundtrack to driving the United States,' hence the names of most of the songs. Head HERE to listen to the album by surrendering your email. If you are a Sub-Division member you can download the album, but there is a £29.99 joining fee which may or may not be worth the download of the highly experimental and probably divergent nature of The Fall, but you do receive 25% off for paying the £29.99 [just some info for thought].  Tracklist after the jump.

1] Phoner To Arizona
2] Revolving Doors
3] HillBilly Man
4] Detroit
5] Shy-town
6] Little Pink Plastic Bags
7] The Joplin Spider
8] The Parish of Space Dust
9] The Snake In Dallas
10] Amarillo
11] The Speak It Mountains
12] Aspen Forest
13] Bobby In Phoenix
14] California And The Slipping Of The Sun
15] Seattle Yodel

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