Wednesday, December 01, 2010

[MP3z] The Head and the Heart

       Here is a folk group out of the NW United States that has a soft-spoken, emotionally-driven, indelible  sound that you'll fall heads over heels for after your first listen. Thanks to The Wounded Jukebox for the soundcloud embeds. Download the songs by clicking the downward pointing arrow on the side of the embed.

Cats and Dogs

       What did you think? Good, right? This is the song that turned me on to them and I instantly thought of Blind Pilot, Horse Feathers, and The Cave Singers. They released a self-titled album earlier this year and have been floating under the radar, but not for long I'm sure. Their sound is very-likable and listening to a live-recording of a house-show they did, done by I am Fuel You Are Friends blog, you can tel they have fun and really mesh. Download the 14 mp3s from the recording and two videos here. Enjoy this next song and check them out on Myspace or at their website.

Winter Song

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