Thursday, February 17, 2011

Odd Future is Changing the Rap Game | OFWGKTA on Jimmy Fallon 2/16


With the help of Jimmy Fallon last night, the rap-punks from L.A. are now in the limelight, a place they have been shunned from for quite some time. Rap blogs, such as 2DopeBoyz and NahRight haven't been posting anything from the Odd Future Collective, even though they are change the face of rap as we know it. The no-hold, in-your-face style of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All is weird, scary, everything that society is afraid of and that is why the group is able to do so well. If the "Yonkers" video above isn't enough proof, check out their website.
I am disappointed that Tyler, The Creator is turning to XL to release his next album, instead of sticking with his collective. He is getting a major label deal while the rest of his peeps are left in the cold. It is a one-disc deal and he said it was for family, which is re-assuring that there wont be a Weezy collab or some shitty mainstream artist to create some hype. These guys are their own hype, they have come from nothing to the next thing in the last year all by doing things their way and handling their own website, doing releases and booking shows; they need no help.
The indie/hipster blog world is all about these fools and it is awesome to see an influx of hip-hop (and dope ness nonetheless) to be popping up on blogs I frequent (GvB, Weekly Tape Deck, DCtoBC, Tumblin' Herb) as well as big news outlets such as P4K and Stereogum. Now they have really gone and gotten themselves in the eye of the public with this bizarre and unholy performance on Fallon. I think it is awesome that they can be so unapproachable on the internet but then they are collaborating with THE ROOTS and making having a great time being themselves. I am also overjoyed that Fallon knew he was about to have one of the craziest late night performances ever and embraced it and looked like he had a great time with the guys.

Check out a write I did about the collective at DTH Diversions Blog [it has links to all the free mixtapes the group has put out in 2010].

Tyler, The Creator's new album Goblin will be release via XL in April. [Just in time for me to get my hands on some vinyl after my bday] Grab the first single "Yonkers" [see video above] on iTunes now. The album art for the single is over there on the left.

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