Wednesday, February 23, 2011

[VID+MP3] G. Love | Fixin' To Die [Produced by The Avett Brothers]

G. Love - Fixin' To Die

Let's go ahead and put it out there, the Avett Brothers can do no wrong. The Avett Brothers have taken to producing and G. Love's latest release, Fixin' To Die, is the first album they have put their name behind. Not only did they put the final touches on the album, they played instruments on the album alongside Garret Dutton [G. Love's real name] as a part of the band on each song. I don't know too much G. Love but I do know him as the pot-smoking, Jack Johnson affiliated, country-rap dude. The Avett Brothers might have tamed the artist and really harnessed his talent. Fixin' To Die came out yesterday, 2/22/11, and it's sure to be a sound, bluesy, fun album, and yet another marvel for Avett Brothers fans. Check out the video, which features the Avett Brothers, who are said to play a good amount of the instrumentation on the album, and download the mp3. Enjoy it and go cop it from Amazon

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