Wednesday, January 06, 2010

3/5 x (the Decemberists) = Black Prairie

I'm sure many of you know The Decemberists. The alternative rockers with albums that tell stories likened to Homeric epics. The brilliant mind of front man Colin Meloy really gives the Decemberists a rare sound that sets them apart and above other music out there. Ever wondered what they might sound like without Meloy? Here's your chance.
3 of the Decemberists 5 members (Jenny Conlee, Chris Funk, and Nate Query) have teamed up with fellow Portland musicians John Neufeld and Anaalisa Tornfelt on this side project. According to their Myspace they sound like:
A bone slid across a fiddle bridge on accident, but you thought about how you were going to drag it across for a hot second and it still sounded the same.

I can't really say I know what this means they sound like, but they have an explicit bluegrass twang. They sound straight out of the rural Tennessee Appalachians. The only thing lacking on the two tracks on their Myspace are vocals. Besides a 1,2,3 count down on "John's Song" there are no words. Might it be that these songs are demos or that the group is more instrumental is yet to be reasoned. But an early 2010 release date is scheduled for Black Prairie's Feast of the Hunter's Moon through Sugar Hill Records.

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