Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Deerhaus || Golden Ages && Tiger Tiger Panther && Weird Bangs && Law

I recently came across this website, Deerhaus, which claims "WE'RE SO FUTURE." What is that supposed to mean? The hypothesis that I formulated was far from the the truth. I envisioned This website is a collection of some of the most eclectic music that I've ever come across in one place. The various artists featured on the page range from synthesized euphoria all the way to side-ponytail boppin' beats from the 80's. And I am not an art connoisseur but the abstract, mostly computer generated or composed of construction paper and glue, is quite impressive and visionary. Some of the art looks throwback which makes for some pretty cool art.

This is what their website states:
"deerhaus is not a record label or a business; it is an entity of unity, the coordinated action of similar creative minds towards a shared goal of composing experiences and conceiving emotion. we are always looking for more friends to work with. we understand that there is room in this world for a multitude of aesthetics, and there is no limitation to art."

This is a really cool idea, now it isn't the most wholesome music but it is very different and interesting. All of it. I found them because I saw a link for Golden Ages, then ended up finding this site. All the music is downloadable for free and none of the art is right-click locked. Here is a sample of some of the music. The pictures are links to their website where you can download the full EP's & LP's if you click on the cover art on the right of the screen then the title of the EP/LP once it has come up.

Golden Ages

Tiger Tiger Panther



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