Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Sunshine Underground

If you're feeling a little sick today, whatever the case may be on this Hump Day, I have a prescription to cure your case of the Hump Days. MORE COWBELL.
I heard about this track "In Your Arms" and was lucky enough to grab one of the first 500 downloads Monday. It starts out with a pretty sweet baseline accompanied by a perfect cowbell beat. I cannot get over how well placed and simple the sound is, but how effective and critical it is to the sound of this song. "In Your Arms" has a very UK sound with the long drawn-out harmonies in the vocals and quick bursts of guitar riffs in spots.

The Sunshine Underground - In Your Arms

The Sunshine Underground is a band from Leeds, UK. They are releasing their second full-length album Nobody's Coming To Save You on February 1st through City Rockers. Pre-order it here. In anticipation of the album, The Sunshine Underground is releasing a free song download (only 500) on their blog on each Monday until the album is released. Both "In Your Arms" and "Coming to Save You" (video below) will be on the release.


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