Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Drink Up Toro Y Moi, Buttercup.

Drink Up Buttercup

Lo-Fi indie pop. After listening to the songs they have on their Myspace I would label Drink Up Buttercup a Wavves and Phoenix mixed together while sounding much like Port O'Brien. Some of the songs are more poppy and less lo-fi. But then others have a much different sound. They released 4 EP's in 2009 and are releasing their first full album on March 23rd entitled, Born And Thrown On A Hook. This is a new video of "Seasickness Pills" that they recently posted on their website along with , "Even Think"a song off their latest 2009 EP, Even Think. And I do not believe that these guys are pretending to look like the cast of The Hangover, they just happen to have a very good taste in clothing [& accessories]

Drink Up Buttercup - Even Think

Toro Y Moi

They are a recent find from out of Columbia, South Carolina. This 2009 USC grad is very much a part of the new "chillwave" genre that has appeared. Other chillwave artists include Neon Indian and Washed Out, among many more. They are much like a Animal Collective infused with Passion Pit-esque synthesized beats. Toro Y Moi is releasing its debut album ,Causers of This, on Feburary 23rd. Another album could be in the works but with 4 South By Southwest dates already scheduled, an early spring tour with The Ruby Suns and touring oversees now, that seems a little out of reach, we'll see. Here is the album from Lala. If you have an account you can listen to the whole thing, if you don't go make one then listen to the whole thing. It's really a great album, have listen to it a few times through now.

TORO Y MOI (W/ The Ruby Suns) - LOCAL 506, Chapel Hill - MARCH 23

Toro Y Moi - Blessa

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