Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Tinashé, an artist from the UK, really has a great voice and unique tribal-esque beats that are different from anything out there. He almost has a Vampire Weekend thing going on. His videos and demos have a toned/stripped down quality about him that is absolutely phenomenal. This up and coming writer slash producer has won me over. I will say that he sounds better acoustically than fully produced, he loses the pop, african beats, and auto-tune that swallow up his sensational voice. He has a YouTube channel that have some pretty amazing songs. I am amazed by his Mbira (the little hand piano)skills. I bought one on a trip to Africa from a market, so it isn't as nice as his but he makes it look so easy, I just want to go and play it. That's what music is all about though. Tinashé has an EP, Mayday, coming out on Feburary 28th. Hope you enjoy this find as much as I did.

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