Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Album from the Hold Steady

|:| Heaven is Whenever | Out May 4th |:|

Here is another awesome band that my Dad introduced me to. I'll have to say that there stuff has only gotten better since I first heard them. Well they have announced a new album, Heaven Is Whenever, slated to be released on May 4th. The album will however be lacking Franz Nicolay, their keyboardist who left the band back in September. The band is promoting the album with a nation-wide tour in April and May which ventures nowhere near NC. If you want to, the closest show is in Morgantown, West Virginia on April 15th.  Their guitarist, Tad Kubler, had this to say about the album:
"I think this is a guitar heavy record. But I would NOT say this is a heavy guitar record. The main objective being not to make the same record as the one previous. I love Boys and Girls and Stay Positive. But they have a very similar feel and sound."


1] The Sweet Part of the City
2] Soft in the Center
3] The Weekenders
4] The Smidge
5] Rock Problems
6] We Can Get Together
7] Hurricane J
8] Barely Breathing
9] Our Whole Lives
10] A Slight Discomfort

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