Tuesday, February 02, 2010

New Material from The Decemberists &/or Colin Meloy

Here is a YouTube video that looks pretty interesting. If you have even been to a Decemberists concert you will know that Colin Meloy likes to rant and ramble on, hear himself talk, for a better part of the show. I'm not complaining because he is pretty funny. Looks like he has really let himself go, no more flippy-odd-bang thing going on in the front and a full beard. This new tune sounds more like stuff off Picaresque or Her Majesty. It is a nice throwback tune, compared to the epic stories and more harder alternative sound than The Crane Wife or The Hazards of Love. (Not contradicting their latest releases) But this could easily be him prepping for a solo album, seeing as it is just him playing, while a better of the part is working on their side project Black Prairie. But it has that signature catchy sound that the Decemberists became famous for. We'll just have to see what this leads to!

[SCORE, finished the post before the premiere of Season 6 of LOST]

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