Thursday, February 25, 2010

[Streaming on YTE] The Strange Boys

|:| Surf Rockers released latest album on 2/22 |:|

This Austin Indie/Surf-Rock group would only be fit to play on the North Shore in Hawaii back in the early 70s while surf legends are omnipresent. Their sound is infectious and catchy while their vocals are akin to some folk/rock legend who recently put out an X-mas album. A great sound for summer. That's how you know a surf-rock band is doing their job. Be Brave makes you feel like you should be at the beach or that it's summertime, so mission accomplished. Their latest project is called Be Brave and was released on Tuesday (2/22). The title track (#3) is a great track, the best on the album, and really captures the essence of the band. They can pull of the twangy surf sound very well. Some of the songs are like waves that are slow and rolling forever, stripped down to guitar and vocals, which sound surprisingly good.. Others are giant waves that provide for a short but awesome ride, "Be Brave". Give a few of the streamed songs a listen, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. 

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