Tuesday, March 09, 2010

[CURRENT] New MGMT | "Flash Delirium"

|:| First Single From Congratulations |:| 

Oh man, MGMT has been the pinnacle of alternative, psychedelic rock since their debut album Oracular Spectacular released in 2008. Here is a new tune off their April 9th Sophomore album Congratulations that is streaming live @ Spinner exactly 1 month before the release. If you haven't heard, the album cover is SCRATCH OFF. Yes, I don't know if that has ever been done before, who knows? I hope the revealing album art is as crazy as the cover. Hope this hype isn't too much.... But their last product [Pursuit of Happiness w/ Ratatat & KiD CuDi] was quite impressive.
It sounds pretty good, if I do say myself. I don't want to get ahead of myself making any premature judgments about the album but the song builds into a raging Pink Floyd tinged, exotic sound that caresses the ears. "Flash Delirium" lassos you into a trancing, head bobbing, foot stomping jig using flutes, shouting choruses, and flashes of raving,thumping techno buzzes. Don't be surprised if you hit the play button more than once.

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