Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sons Cover Cousins

|:|Mumford & Sons Add Folk Spin To Vampire Weekend Hit|:|

If you are a sucker for a good cover, you're in luck. Mumford And Sons, the newest band with a banjo, released their debut album Sigh No More in the US on Feburary 16th . They have an infectious sound that resonates throughout their music. Leaving you with only one teeming question, when are they going to cover a Vampire Weekend song?
The brilliance and ease that Vampire Weekend creates with their every song combined with the folk-rockin' musical muses of Mumford & Sons, this cover is a hybrid of only the finest offspring. The first version of the Vampire Weekend song was good, I'll have to say the build-up from slow to break-neck banjo-picking glory, rivals the first in quality. Check it out for yourself, but prepare yourself, this is no ordinary tune.

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