Saturday, March 13, 2010

Late of the Pier | "Best In Class"

|:|New EP from British Electro-Pop-Alternative Group|:|

Late of the Pier - Best In Class

Here is a new single from Late of the Pier, an electro-pop consortium that bends the solid conceptions of rock and techno to create a sound that is unique. The group has some new material recently out, where you can find this song, Best In Class EP. They have choruses with choruses made of a smorgasbord of sounds and vocals that blend together better than vegetables in V8 juice. Their debut album, Fanstasy Black Channel, is astonishingly brilliant with misplaced guitar riffs, simple drum kits, and extraterrestrial background sounds all supporting grasping synthesizers. If you are looking for an almost dance floor type tune with musical substance in the alternative genre, you've found it.

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