Monday, May 10, 2010

Beach House w/ Washed Out @ Cat's Cradle 5/1

           So, I may be a few days late but between exams, papers, and going to the beach I haven't had much time to blog, a reason why last week was declared "video week." At any rate, Beach House can put on a good show, as well as Washed Out for that fact. Washed Out came out a put on a pretty good set, he had the crowd into it, at least the open-minded ones at the front of the stage, I didn't pay attention to the bar babes and hoodrats in the back. He was jumping around and getting the crowd singing along, a very unnatural and unexpected element this chillwave artist added. He also strategically placed his laptop out of sight to most of the crowd, hidden below his table. I feel that this is a good move for the image they project and acceptance of their music as a whole. [I saw Toro Y Moi and he had a bandanna over the back of his Mac] I picked up the Tour CD he was selling. 8 Tracks/$5. It was a disc with some stuff that he composed but didn't release on 2009's Life of Leisure. It was clear to me that he has evolved and stepped up his game since he started, a sign that Chillwave is  going to be here to stay, evolve, and pleasure the stoned for at least another round of releases.

         I wasn't sure what I should be expecting as the wait for Beach House became unnecessarily long. They had Cat's Cradle dressed up more than I have ever experienced. The spinning diamonds in the background and cotton candied pom-poms accompanied by smoke and an impressive light show made for a visual euphoria to accompany their auditory bliss. They came out with a bang, and didn't let up. They mixed in stuff from each of their albums, arguably each with a distinct sound, to create a smooth flowing concert. I'll have to add that there was a scrawny ginger teen on the front row who was [presumably] on some type of drug and flowing with the music and waving his arms around in circles the whole time; a rather odd yet humorous departure from the pop they mix on the rocks. Victoria Legrand and her head of hair were banging left to right while tapping on the organ. Though Alex Scally was playing guitar sitting down most of the show, when he got up he would break out some hard-rocking riffs, a sight I kept finding my self tip-toed and wishfully thinking. I hope that my calves weren't too mad. I was very impressed with the show overall. They were a little separated from the crowd, asked who has been at their other Chapel Hill shows in the past but other than that, the stage was their pedestal. I have some pretty good pictures to share from the concert taken by myself and Cameron Brown, as per usual, she has done another fabulous job.

See a ton of pictures after the jump...

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