Thursday, October 21, 2010

Midtown Dickens

Here's a Durham, NC band that I recently got in to after a whimsical purchase of their LP/CD/MP3 package, Laterns, at CD Alley a few weeks back. Immediately after I placed needle to vinyl happiness engrossed my ears. The cute vocals of the lead singer tell beautiful stories and create heartfelt metaphors to love and loneliness. The vocals are very Kimya Dawson, a little out of tune but cute, scratchy, and easy to love. I'll have to say that Lanterns is a solid album and one of my best purchases in a long time, especially since I bought it blind to their raw talent. "Springs," mp3 below, is my favorite off Lanters, it has a tried and true beauty that is hard to capture and relatively achieved or admired. The beginning of this song is absolutely touching, just listen to the words. Check out their website or myspace.

Midtown Dickens - Springs

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