Sunday, October 31, 2010

[WHO DAT?] J. Cole

I don't know if I have ever dedicated a post to the illest rapper out of North Carolina, J. Cole. He is consistent and has a lot of talent. Every single song of his is great and features only the most dope lyrics. He has the swag of a veteran and hasn't put out an official album yet. He doesn't rap about money, drugs, and women in the stuck-up way that most rappers do. He relates everything to socially relevant topics and problems with society that you don't expect from rap game these days. He toured with Jay-Z recently and was featured on Jay's 2009 album The Blueprint 3 on "A Star Is Born." He is slated to release Cole World in November or December this year, we'll see if that actually happens because a date hasn't been set yet. If there was a rapper that could still do well under Kanye's shadow right now, Cole would be that rapper. I'll go ahead and includes a few songs below for you to enjoy. He also made an appearance on my Glen Beck Swag Mixtape.

J. Cole - Villematic
J. Cole - I'm Coming Home

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